elephant hills hotel.jpgThe hotel industry has been called upon to become innovative in their product pricing to cater for both the local and international market.


Research has revealed that local hotels are more expensive when compared with others in the region while their standards have over the years deteriorated.

In the past, staying in local hotels used to be a preserve of the elite.

The hotel pricing was premised on the euro-centric tourism thrust of “low volume and high pricing”.

While a lot has changed on the ground, it appears some local hotels are holding on to yester year’s notion resulting in local hotels being too expensive compared to the region.

Tourism and Hospitality IndustryMinister, Cde Walter Mzembi however says hotels should start being innovative as their product is tired and does not match the high prices.

Zimbabwe Council of Tourism president, Mr. Tendai Madzivanyika admitted that the tourism product is now unappealing and urged players in the sector to take advantage of existing legislation to start the recapitalization process.

Some local hotels are in need of refurbishment with standards having deteriorated.

Even parks and wildlife lodges have not been upgraded.

However, prices have remained high thus dissuading tourists from choosing Zimbabwe as their preferred destination.