Tourism is all about adventure, but when it comes to sliding across the gorges of the mighty Zambezi river suspended on a wire, not many may be willing to take that kind of adventure.

Highwire activities are some of the most interesting for visitors that come to Victoria Falls to experience breath-taking adventures.

Clients have the option of sliding in pairs or as individuals and are pulled back to the same place using specialised equipment after completing the activity.

For a distance of 450 metres across the Zambezi gorge, one can slide at terrific speed of 105km per hour.

“We also have another wing on the second platform where you get connected to four ropes and you choose how you want to jump. You can hold the ropes and just step off or you can lean back and fall backwards, so the drop there is about 70 metres into a 95 metre high swing. This time the speed will be 120 km/hour and the activity is only three seconds,” a highwire instructor, Mr Reason Ncube said.

Once the client has jumped off, he enjoys a couple of swings suspended about 15 to 20 metres above the Zambezi waters, before he is pulled back using specialised equipment.

During the low season, 20 clients will take it up per day but the figure shoots up to 140 per day during the high season and the clients love it.

The activity has been in existence in Victoria Falls for 14 years and is related to the bunji-jump activities which originated in New Zealand.

There are no weight restrictions on the zip line because each cable takes about 36 tonnes.