A local tour and adventure company has donated a school bus to the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to enable it to safely transport school children from Zambezi National Park to their respective schools.

School children residing at Zambezi National Park in Victoria Falls were being ferried to school on a tractor drawn trailer that had become very risky, and a Toyota Coaster bus donation from Wild Horizon is most welcome.

In addition to the bus, the company also donated rangers` tents and has adopted some of the school children for whom school fees will be paid.

“We would like to add to these worthy initiatives by donating this Toyota Coaster bus to the national parks, so that the children of the Zambezi camp can be safely transported to and from school. We could not sit back and continue to watch the children being taken to school on the back of a tractor drawn trailer,” Wild Horizon Executive Director, Ms Barbara Murasiranwa said.

Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Acting Board Chairperson, Mrs Idah Mupamhanga expressed gratitude to the local company for the gesture and warned parks authorities not abuse the bus on errands it is not meant for.

“Do not abuse the bus, it is for school children and school children alone and it is clearly marked school bus, not funeral bus, not wedding bus, so it is for school children alone, school activities alone and the same message goes to the councillor who is a very popular person,” she said.

Stakeholders who attended the event stressed the need for local companies to participate in corporate social responsibility so as to improve the livelihood of the community.

The event was attended by representatives of the local community, Victoria Falls town council officials, tour operators and other adventure companies.