Many parents find it difficult to raise a disabled child let alone one with multiple disabilities and many such children are often neglected and hidden away from society but that is not the case at Tose Respite Care Home where every child is loved regardless of their condition.

From a glance it looks like a normal classroom complete with desks, chairs and charts but on close inspection, one cannot help but notice what it is written on the charts is in-fact an instrument directing how each child is handled.

This is Tose Respite Care Home a centre for some 42 children with multiple disabilities.

In the quest to give all the love needed by these children the home has sent out an SOS highlighting it need good Samaritans to help it pay off water and electricity bills, says director Mrs Stella Faranisi.

The children have to undergo physiotherapy and exercises everyday but the home lacks adequate equipment, while the hydrotherapy pool cannot be switched on as it consumes much of the electricity that is already scarce.

Mr Zenzo Sibanda the centre’s rehabilitation technician said US$6 000 is required to convert the pool into a solar powered hydrotherapy pool.

Not wanting to rely on donor funding alone the home has also ventured into market gardening and poultry projects to sustain some of its operations.

Established in November 1992, Tose Respite Care Home is this year celebrating its silver jubilee, providing 24-hour care, for people with both mental and physical disabilities, especially the more severe who have multiple impairments from 5 years.

According to a recent survey Zimbabwe has around 900 000 people with disabilities.