By Panganai Nzira and Forget Tsododo

Whilst Farai Muguwu may be a tortoise on the wall in the covert yet overt politics of diamonds, the so-called independent media in Zimbabwe have also behaved like tortoises on walls, but to the well informed, the footsteps to the doorsteps of the owner can be easily traced because surely a tortoise cannot climb a wall.



Somebody should have placed it there to satisfy their selfish ego and the private media in Zimbabwe, led by one Trevor Vusumuzi Ncube and Rhodesian loner behind Muckraker, is an accomplice in this global power of politics under the guise of freedom of press.


Have you ever noticed that the George Soros-inspired Alpha Media Group, the publishers of the Newsday, The Standard and The Independent have gone a gear up in their ‘much-ado-about-nothing’ reportage on issues in the country as they continue churning out and regurgitating tribal contents from the Rhodesian archive, plastering them on their tribal pages and dishing out poison on unsuspecting masses in a bid to divide and rule, itself a neo-colonial construct to perpetuate the hegemony of the one world government?  


Whilst they use poetic licence and vary their language intonation in their writings, the apparent subtle and cunning nature in their choice of phrases and adjectives on national issues is manifest of a ploy to further the resuscitation of neo-colonialism and its attendant antichrist offshoots.


They do this with impunity and belittle the very foundations and symbols that define the nation. They are on an unholy crusade to demean and erode the pan-African values that underpin the country and have gone unchallenged for far too long, thereby allowing their puerile arguments to dominate the discourse on Zimbabwe and pass as the gospel truth by default, yet it is defect and sacrilegious.


The hand of the ubiquitous George Soros doctrines and editorial slant is replete and replicated in all their stories.


george soros.jpgOne story that particularly showed the extent to which these undergraduate political puppies can go in their infantile reportage and lack of to depth to grasp issues of national interest is a story in the Newsday of 19 August 2010 under the headline ‘Prayers used to intimidate teams’.


To some readers the story would have made good reading, but the intended motive lies beneath the language and a careful analysis will expose that these people will never miss an opportunity to belittle their motherland as they elevate foreign imports such as Christopher Columbus to greatness and martyrdom, while relegating and scorning reservoirs and pioneers of the liberation legacy such as Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi.


They swallowed hook, line and sinker the white imperialist’ ideals and the antichrist’s one-world concept.


In the colonial era, they used the pretext of civilisation and humanitarian mission to conquer lands in Africa and today they use amongst other things, the banner of freedom of press to manipulate and create spheres of influence in order to create clientele regimes.


The prayer story in the Newsday is a classic case study on how the media can be used to belittle symbols of Zimbabwean identity under the pretext of freedom of expression.


In the story it is reported that people were shocked and terrified when a woman stood up at a constitutional outreach meeting to make an opening prayer and she launched a vicious tirade at her party’s opponents, threatening them with death.


The woman made the following lines in her prayer: ‘Mbuya Nehanda naSekuru Kaguvi mapfupa enyu achamuka… She also went further to say: ‘Mukasanyora zvisirizvo zvatataura muchamedzwa nevhu…vakasaendesa zvatataura vaurayeyi…’


The Newsday made us to believe that this prayer was an abomination and an intimidatory tactic, at least according to the reporters’ own silly and sterile interpretations. However, one needs to expose the silent and salient intend of this story.


The writer and the paper is just a tortoise on a wall. The face and ideology of the owner thus needs scrutiny. Whilst the tortoise would want to make us believe that people were terrified and shocked, the tortoise owner will tell you that unrepentant Rhodesian elements and neo-imperialists were the real people who were jerked from their seats because they know the prayer would find ears from the Almighty and resultantly spell doom to their aspirations of re-colonising Zimbabwe.


A Boer and a British know the importance of Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi to Zimbabweans, but will ignore it in public while privately confirming the status of these spirit mediums as torchbearers and vanguards of the liberations struggle of the majority blacks as their resurrected spirits found habitat in sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who defeated the Rhodesians in the armed struggle that finally led to independence and majority rule.


Thus, the prayer made involuntarily was an expression of what will befall those who neglect and mock the sacrifice of veterans of the liberation struggle.


There was nothing vicious in her prayer except that it touched on the raw nerve of the tortoise and her owner, thereby threatening its existence.


This story is one of the many carried by this street paper. Other reports that also need to be seen beyond the surface are stories on national healing. Whilst the stories in the private media have concentrated on what their writers term ‘human rights abuse’ and have even gone further to detail that over 200 people died in political violence during elections, nothing whatsoever has been said on the fallen heroes that still lie around Zimbabwe and foreign lands who are crying for decent burial in their beloved country.


There is need for all progressive Zimbabweans to urgently heed the calls made by veteran nationalist, Cde George Rutanhire that the National Healing Process should begin by addressing the issue of thousands of sons and daughters who fought for the freedom to partake in politics, and who, 30 years after independence, are still weeping shadows with their heads bowed, following, refusing to be left behind.


The Rhodesians butchered over 50 000 Zimbabweans during the liberation war era.


That said, the prayer by the woman at the constitution-making meeting is pious and not even the rantings of a media tortoise clutching on the walls and singing for dear supper from the owner can derail the empowerment revolution.


Indeed Zimbabwe will never be a colony again!