unprotected well.png A 3-year old toddler in Harare’s Glen View 3 suburb lost her life after drowning in an unprotected well.

Like any normal 3-year old child, Patricia Masanga who was playing house (mahumbwe) with other children went to the unprotected well to fetch water oblivious of what was awaiting her.

It is said she slipped into the unprotected well and drowned.

According to her uncle, Mr. Kudakwashe Masanga, Patricia’s body was discovered floating by passersby who then notified the parents.

Residents who spoke to ZBC News condemned the Harare City Council for failing to provide water resulting in people resorting to digging up wells.

Glen View is just but one of the many suburbs where residents have resorted to sinking boreholes and digging unprotected wells due to failure to access water.

Along 69th crescent there are three unprotected wells which are less than 50 metres apart and there are scores of children who are also at risk in the same vicinity.

The question is; what should the residents do when water is not coming out of their tapes, who is to blame when lives are being lost due to the scarcity of the precious liquid?