hessian.jpgTobacco deliveries are set to improve after the delivery of a huge consignment of tobacco wrapping material that was in short supply in recent weeks.


Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board,  the major supplier of tobacco wrapping material’s Managing Director Mr. Patrick Maenzanise told ZBC News that although there have been challenges in meeting the high demand by farmers, a huge consignment of Hussein cloth is expected to arrive in the country from India on Wednesday this week.



Mr. Maenzanise assured tobacco growers that adequate wrapping material has been secured and will be arriving in batches in the next two weeks.


While the arrival of Hussein cloth could be good news to farmers who have been battling to access the material over the past week, it has however emerged that the growers joy could be short lived as some of the imported wrapping material can be delayed due to changes in shipping schedules which is reported to give first preference to products for the 2010 World Cup to held in South Africa.



Meanwhile TIMB has dismissed reports that Propak has monopolised the importation of Hussein saying the Tobacco Regulatory Board would be happy if more players can chip in.


Over the past week, deliveries of the golden leaf witnessed a sharp decline owing to the critical shortage of the wrapping material. 


Observers feel that this year should be the tobacco industry’s turning point with deliveries expected to surpass the target of 70 million kilogram by a wide margin.