tobacco selling 2011.jpgMore than 43 million kilogrammes of flue-cured tobacco valued at $16,3 million has been sold at the country’s auction  floors under both the auction and contract system.


Statistics provided by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB), show  that 43,3 million kilogrammes  have so far been sold, with the auction system accounting for 4,18 million kilogrammes  valued at $68,5 million while the contract system recorded 24,7 million kilogrammes valued at $92,8 million.

The average price for the auction system has been pegged at $3,72,  a 24% increase from last year’s $3,00 for the same period.

The highest price still stands at $4,99.

When the sales closed this Thursday to pave way for the Easter holidays, Premier Tobacco Auction Floors had the highest average price of $3,81, followed by the Tobacco sales Floor at $3,78,with Boka Tobacco Sales Floor and Millennium Tobacco sales floor both at $3,54.

According to the TIMB, 80% of registered growers are small scale farmers.

The season also recorded 12 803 new growers who registered to sell their tobacco for the first time.