tobacco barn3.jpg

A tobacco barn

Tobacco farming has transformed communities in Chiweshe, where the barn and an impressive house are the new status symbols in the rural setting.

The success of the land reform programme has been often measured by maize yields and money that tobacco farmers earn in foreign currency, but a visit to Matsvororo Village, the tobacco barn stands out tall.

Every homestead has a tobacco ban which has become the source of wealth for communities. 

Besides the barn, there is a mansion that those living in urban areas will envy throughout their lifetime.

A stone throw away from Mr Kingstone Murasi’s homestead, there is a neat home belonging to the Tomu family which is a statement about a successful farmer.

Besides the mansion, there is a carport which cements the view that farmers need to take farming as a business for the transformation of livelihoods.

Farming continues to be the major employer in the countryside with those that invest in it enjoying modest lives while those in cities continue to yearn for an improvement in their lot.