tobacco hassien.jpgOver 130 million kilogrammes of tobacco has gone under the hammer, raking in US$375 million this season amid revelations that the 18th of this month has been set as the last day of sales.

The latest figures were released by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board.

Though the figures have surpassed last year’s, they fall short of projections which had indicated that the country was likely to get 170 million kilogrammes of tobacco.

TIMB Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andrew Matibiri said the tobacco selling season is coming to an end, with the 18th of this month being the last trading day.

Dr Matibiri urged farmers to ensure that they make final preparations to ensure that they deliver their crop on time before the closure of the marketing season.

This year’s tobacco marketing season has been punctuated by an increase in tobacco auction floors thereby reducing congestion though figures show that the pricing structures of last season were favourable compared to this season.

Last year tobacco deliveries reached 123 million kilogrammes raking in US$348 million while this year TIMB anticipated 177 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf, amounting to US$475 million.