tobacco-floors.jpgTobacco sales are likely to surpass the revised projected season target of 115 million kgs following an impressive delivery rate averaging 1 million kgs per day at the countries auction floors.

Figures obtained from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board indicate that the industry may have to revise upwards the targeted 115 million kgs of the golden leaf which were expected to go under the hammer by the end of the season.


A total of 107 million kgs have been sold to date at Tobacco Sales Floor and ZITAC since February, generating US$315 million. 


Tobacco Sales Floor Limited Managing Director, Mr. James Mutambanesango said the current rate of deliveries at TSF which initially expected to handle 20 million kgs of tobacco this season have continued to surpass expectations, making probable output unpredictable at the moment.


“They are some suggestions that the crop may edge the 130 million kilogram mark.


“TIMB starts with an estimate from the amount of seed sold, farmers also submit expected volumes, but probably due to some farmers which were not registered sales have surpassed expectations,” said Cde Mutambanesango.


This year’s crop has fetched an average price of US$2.94 per kilogramme, which is a 1.37 percentage drop from last year’s season’s average price of US$2.98 per kilogramme. The number of bales sold has however gone up 103 per cent from 736 000 last year to 1 406 000.


Tobacco deliveries which fell in the past eight years from about 165.6 million kgs in 2002 to as low as 35 million kgs in 2008 have been rising since last year boosting hopes for the recovery of the agriculture sector.