tobacco graded 17.02.2011.jpgOfficials at the Tobacco Sales Floors have denied reports that farmers had their produce affected by rain over the weekend after having been left to spend the Easter holidays at the floors.

Despite the ZBC News crew having caught up with some tobacco farmers complaining about their tobacco that was affected by rain, TSF officials say they had not received official reports from the affected farmers.

TSF Chief Executive Officer, Mr James Mutambanesango however admitted that farmers who were booked were left inside the floors during the Easter holidays but said he has not received any reports about the affected tobacco.

“At the moment, I am not aware of any tobacco that was affected by rain here and I am wondering where you are getting these reports,” he said.

Speaking to ZBC News, an analyst, Mr Godfrey Dupwa said auction floors should always strive to serve the farmers they would have booked in time, adding that farmers should also be sure that they are booked before bringing their tobacco to the floors.

He said farmers should ensure that their tobacco is protected before bringing it to the floors.

“Farmers should ensure that they are booked before coming with their produce to the floors. TSF does not have enough facilities to accommodate all these farmers for several days,” said Mr Dupwa.

Another analyst, Mr Alexander Kanengoni said auction floors should ensure that they are able to serve the farmers they would have booked to avoid scenarios where farmers will be stranded for several days at the floors.

He commended Boka Tobacco Floors for its ability to handle the influx of the tobacco farmers this season despite it being a new player in the field.

“Boka is doing well but farmers should follow proper booking procedures,” Mr Kanengoni advised.

There have been a lot of complaints from farmers especially from TSF owing to the inefficiency and poor service delivery at the floor.