Farmers have raked in over $665 million in foreign currency from about 228 million kgs of tobacco deliveries sold so far this marketing season.

It is against this background that the 2018 tobacco marketing season has been described as a turnaround year for the country towards achieving one of the highest volumes of the golden output since independence.

Latest statistics by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) reveals an interesting trend whereby exports from last year’s tobacco deliveries have hit nearly a billion dollar mark.

“Tobacco exports from last year’s deliveries of 182 million kgs have so far raked over $900 million in forex, this year deliveries are continuing and over 227 million have gone under the hummer earning the country over $665 million in foreign currency,” reveals the TIMB spokesperson Isheunesu Moyo.

Initially the country had targeted 200 million kgs for this year, but the TIMB has once again reviewed the target to over 230 million kgs.