The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has set this Tuesday the 21st of August as the date for mop up sales to enable farmers who have not finished selling their tobacco to deliver the last crop.

The auction floors which were officially closed on 27 July to mark the end of the 2018 tobacco marketing will open its doors this Tuesday to allow farmers to sell their remaining crop.

“We have set tomorrow, Tuesday as the day for mop up sales, the sales can be extended depending on the volumes delivered, so farmers have been advised to book their crop on time,” said Isheunesu Moyo, the TIMB Spokesperson.

The 2018 season marked a turnaround in the production of tobacco as farmers set a new record by delivering over 248 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf, the highest since independence in 1980.

The leaf has so far earned the country over $728 million in foreign currency.

Expectations are that tobacco will hit the $1,5 billion mark in terms of foreign currency generation next year.