tobacco graded 17.02.2011.jpgMop up sales for Virginia tobacco commenced this Tuesday at the country’s three auction floors with quality tobacco being delivered amid farmers’ complaints that the prices being offered are low.

A number of farmers have delivered their tobacco at the auction floors for the clean up sales.

However, some farmers who were interviewed at the Tobacco Sales Floor (TSF) felt shortchanged by the pricing system being used at the floors as they claim there is no transparency in grading the crop.

Clean up sales usually account for the crop which would have failed to make it during the main selling season.

They give farmers an opportunity to dispose of the crop they would have grown in the middle of the season.

Meanwhile, burley tobacco sales are in progress at the Boka Auction Floors with more than 2 000 bales having been sold this week at an average cost of US$1,15 per kg.