hessian.jpgTobacco farmers have bemoaned the slow pace with which the tobacco hassien is being disbursed to farmers in a situation which has threatened the delivery of the golden leaf to the auction floors.

Long queues continue to be the order of the day outside the premises of Pro-Pak the local suppliers of the scarce tobacco bale wrapping cloth which has been in short supply since the beginning of May.

Tobacco farmers who have already made payments for the material expressed anger at the suppliers of the cloth for failure to clear the backlog of farmers on the waiting list. The concerned farmers say they suspect that the supplier is deliberating creating chaos at the premises.

Propak Managing Director Mr. Pat Maenzanise attributed the long queues to an anticipated delay in the arrival of the consignment of the cloth and assured farmers that the backlog will be cleared by Wednesday since the expected consignment arrived in the country over the weekend.

 “We hoped that the consignment could have arrived by Wednesday last week and unfortunately the material arrived yesterday and we are currently in the process of printing and cutting the cloth. We are hopeful that the backlog will be cleared by Wednesday,”said Mr. Maenzanise

The consignment which arrived on Sunday which consists of forty eight bales of the cloth is expected to produce at least twenty six thousand wraps enough to clear the current backlog.

The unanticipated shortage of the tobacco wrap cloth has seen a marginal decline in the delivery of the golden leaf to the auction floors and stakeholders have called on for more suppliers in the industry to minimize such scarcity in the future.