Tobacco farmers have been urged to use alternative means of energy to conserve forests.

While the nation is in a tree planting mood following the National Tree Planting Day on the 1st of this month, a Marondera farmer along the Marondera-Murewa road has plenty piles of wood at his farm for tobacco curing whose origins the ZBC News could not establish.

Wherever he took them, from the quantity, it is a clear sign of deforestation taking place because of tobacco curing.

This has prompted the area’s traditional leader Chief Svosve who took part at a tree planting day at Chirasauta Primary School to urge tobacco farmers to use other alternative forms of energy.

“I think tobacco farmers should use other forms of energy to cure their tobacco because continued use of firewood leads to deforestation,” he said.

The area’s legislator Cde Patrick Chidakwa expressed concern over the reckless cutting down of trees by tobacco farmers.

“I am deeply concerned by farmers who are cutting down trees for tobacco curing,” he said.

Community leaders, villagers and school children took part in the planting of trees on this important day.