Tobacco sales have raked in US$53 million as the selling season gathers pace.

The amount was generated from the sale of 29 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf.

A 41 percent increase in tobacco deliveries has been recorded in just 16 days since the selling season began.

Latest figures from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) show that sales are up by 45 percent in value with farmers taking home US$53.7 million.

A kilogramme of the golden leaf is selling for an average of US$2.63 marking an improvement from last year’s average of US$2.61.

Contract tobacco sales have remained more lucrative for farmers selling for an average price of US$2.68 cents a kilogramme.

The contract floors have also attracted more deliveries at 23 million kilogrammes while contract floors have handled a total of six million kilogrammes.

In total 422 000 bales were laid with 393 000 of those being sold.