Farmers have set a new record in tobacco production with latest statistics by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) showing that the 2018 deliveries have hit 238 million kilogrammes breaking the year 2000’s highest record since independence.

Tobacco farmers break new tobacco record as the 2018 deliveries hit new trends of 238 million kilogrammes as compared to 237 million kilogrammes, the highest volumes since independence in 1980.

“We can confirm that a new record has been set in tobacco production, with deliveries by last Friday hitting a record high of over 238 million kgs, the last highest was 237 million produced in 2000 since independence,” said TIMB boss Dr Andrew Matibiri.

This new record set in the tobacco industry should send a clear message to the international community that Zimbabwe has come of age in producing high volumes and quality leaf.

“Farmers received fair prices because they have improved tremendously in producing the quality tobacco, going forward this should cement our position on the international market that we should be recognised as the biggest and reliable producer of the golden leaf,” laments Dr Matibiri, expressing confidence that the deliveries can reach over 240 million kgs.

The 2018 marketing season will come to an end on the 27th of this month and all farmers who are yet to deliver their golden leaf should do so by the 26th of July to avoid inconveniences.