tobacco floors sale.jpgThe quality of Zimbabwean tobacco continues to improve as witnessed by demand of the country’s golden leaf by international buyers and the prevailing high prices at the auction floors.

Figures released by the TIMB show that tobacco deliveries for this season are up by 28% as compared to last year’s sales during the same period.

So far more than 10,5 million kgs of the crop have been sold as compared to the same stage last year when about 8,2 million kgs of the golden leaf were sold under both the contract and auction systems

The auction system however is still lagging behind the contract system as it accounts for just above 3,2 million kgs compared to nearly 7,3 million kgs under the contract system.

The average price is US$3,64.

However, competition has become stiffer as traditional auction floor, Tobacco Sales Floor, which used to top the sales, has been overtaken by new players.

As of Monday, Boka Tobacco was leading the sales with 125,868 kgs, followed by Millennium Tobacco, which had 102,760 kgs.

Premier Tobacco was third with 77,640 kgs while the Tobacco Sales Floor had 70,986 kgs.