tobacco queues.jpgMore than 21,4 million kgs of flue cured tobacco valued at US$78,3 million has so far been delivered to the country’s auction floors under both the auction and contract systems.

This translates to a 20% increment as compared to last year’s deliveries on the 24th day of the tobacco selling and marketing season.

The average price for the auction system has also increased by 21% from last year’s US$3,05 to US$3,56.

Tobacco delivered under the contract system is averaging US$3,72.

The highest price remains at US$4,99 for the auction system and has gone up to US$5,30 for the contract system.

The lowest price is US$0,20 for both the systems.

15 244 bales have been rejected since the beginning of the marketing season.

The results however exclude figures from Millennium Tobacco Auction Floors as their data base was reported to be down.

Malawi, which is one of Zimbabwe’s competitors in tobacco production, has only 15 million kgs of flue cured tobacco, 160 kgs of burley and 4 million kgs of dark fired leaf but estimates show that it has only managed to grow 80 million kgs of the leaf which is a huge drop from 237 million kgs harvested last year.