tobacco-floors.jpgThe tobacco selling season entered day 42 today, with the figures released by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board indicating that more than 1,8 million kilogrammes of flue cured tobacco worth more than US$5 million have been delivered on Wednesday the 13th of April.

The highest price for flue cured tobacco of $4.51 per kilogramme was recorded at Tobacco Sales Floor. The average price was $2, 67 per kilogramme while the lowest price recorded was 20 cents.

Statistics indicate that contracted tobacco was sold at an average price of $3, 00 and has contributed around 950 000 kilogrammes of the total sales of the day.

So far, more than 44 million kilogrammes of flue cured tobacco worth more than $129 million has been delivered to the auction floors since the opening of the floors last month.

Statistics indicate a 24.23% rise in the total mass of flue cured tobacco sold this season as compared to the same period last year where around 35 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf worth around $109 million had been sold by day 41.


Meanwhile, deliveries of the cash crop are expected to surge in the coming few days as growers seek liquidity cash before the Easter holidays.


While the seasonal total tobacco deliveries to the auction floors currently stand at a total of 44 028 514 kilogrammes, indications are that more tobacco is expected to go under the hammer before Easter.


Boka Tobacco Floors (BTF) Director, Rudo Boka told ZBC News that as service delivery has improved at the floor, expectations are high that the floors will handle an excess of 5 000 bales per day as farmers seek to make cash before the Easter holidays.


More than 170 million kilogrammes of tobacco are expected to be sold this season in what analysts say is a good indication that the tobacco industry is coming back on track after the successful land reform programme.