mugabe.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has launched the Kadoma Declaration.
The declaration is a product of the tripartite negotiating forum signed by workers, employers and the government last year.
Speaking at the launch of the Kadoma Declaration in Harare, Cde Mugabe said workers, employers and government representatives should speak with one voice on pertinent national issues and sub-ordinate their individual interests to overall national interests.


Cde Mugabe saluted the TNF for the Kadoma Declaration, saying it is testimony of Zimbabweans working together to achieve social and economic advancement.


He said the declaration is another demonstration of the role that social dialogue plays in strengthening oneness and unity of purpose.


Cde Mugabe said the Kadoma Declaration adds momentum to the work of the inclusive government which is also a product of negotiations which gave birth to the global political agreement.


Drawing parallels between the GPA and the Kadoma Declaration, he said the declaration is a further confirmation that Zimbabweans have developed a culture of cooperation in the face of challenges that might confront them  as a nation.

Cde Mugabe stressed the need for unity among Zimbabweans saying it has become more necessary today than before as the divisive hands of the country’s detractors continue to foment hatred.


Representatives of workers, captains of industry and commerce, cabinet ministers and cooperating partners from the United Nations and the diplomatic community witnessed the launch of the declaration.


The programme’s theme is “Towards a shared national economic and social vision.”