tnf technical committee member mr john mufukare.jpgMembers of the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) are expected to meet next month to come up with policies towards facilitating economic growth.

In terms of the arrangement, the government, business and labour will be focusing on problems affecting the recovery of the economy as well as crafting solutions aimed at increasing industrial and household output.

TNF technical committee member, Mr John Mufukare confirmed that it is in the interests of the social contract that policies are put in place to ensure macro- economic stability.

“We are meeting next month and the key issues revolve around what should be done to restore economic confidence in the country,” said Mr Mufukare.

A member of the business community, Mr Langton Mabhanga said the private sector should also complement Government’s efforts in terms of finding solutions to improve business and investors confidence.

“We want everyone to contribute because this should not be a government’s role only but we feel everyone should also take part,” Mr Mabhanga said.

The TNF is an economic and social development institution comprising of the government, business and labour and it was revived in September this year to consolidate economic gains that have been achieved so far through policies to stabilise prices and incomes.