Residents of Masvingo who attended the public hearing on the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) Bill say the bill should ensure that labour issues do not drag on for too long by setting up time frames for solving labour disputes among other calls.

The public hearing drew an average crowd from Masvingo, mostly from the civil society.

Among the contributions raised, was that the bill should ensure that labour disputes are timeously attended to and also allow workers to lawfully  conduct job action in the event of deadlock on negotiations with their employers .

“Tikatarisai zvozvi , ma labour issues are just dragging on for too long. Unogona kupedza makore issue isina kugadziriswa asi bill iri rofanira kuti pave ne time frame yekuti issue ingeyagadzariswa,” (If we check what is happening now, labour issues are just dragging on for too long. It can take years for your issue to be sorted, this bill should stipulate a timeframe for sorting such issues) said one of the participants.

“The bill should allow people to demonstrate without criminalising the demos.”

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Mrs Emma Ncube Huni said it was disheartening that only workers’ organisations were represented, with employers failing to turn up to make their contributions towards the bill.

“Tangatichitarisira kuti vanoshandirwa vachauyawo kuti vatipewo muono wavo asitangowana vashandi badzi,” (We were expecting employers to be part of this meeting and to give their contributions but we only met with employers) said Mrs Emma Ncube Huni.

The TNF Bill is meant to bring together workers , the government and employers to discuss issues pertaining to labour issues .