1937 – born April 1 in Rusape

1957 – joined African National Congress

1959 – detained February to March


1960 – joined the National Democratic Party (NDP) and was banned from attending public gatherings for three months and from entering Tribal Trust Lands

1961 – became a member of the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union
– He was elected Secretary of the Salisbury District Council (ZAPU)
– Founder member of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU)

1963 – elected Chairman of ZANU, Mkoba Branch, Gwelo

– Deputy Secretary Youth and Culture

1964 – was detained in May and released in October
– was re-arrested and restricted at Wha Wha Prison Camp in Gwelo
– was detained again at Salisbury Prison, Connemara Prison and Que Que

1965-1974 – was released and became a delegate at the Lancaster House Constitutional Conference on Zimbabwe in London

1977 – elected Secretary-General of Zanu PF at the Chimoio Congress

1979 – September-December – was elected Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Mashonaland Central

1980 – February – became the Minister of Manpower Planning and Development


1988 – defected from Zanu PF and formed the Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM). Cde Tekere lost the election to President Mugabe of Zanu PF.

1994 – retired from active politics


2007 – released his memoir ‘A lifetime of struggle’ where he attacked the works of various liberation war heroes, demeaning the roles they played in the liberation of Zimbabwe.