joshua nkomo 26-06-11.jpgA strong proponent of the empowerment of blacks, who unequivocally emphasised that Zimbabwe’s natural resources, including the land and the minerals therein, should be exploited for the benefit of the indigenous majority, is the man who passed away on the 1st of July 1999.

The late Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo left a legacy that continues to guide the nation in this modern day where neo-colonialism continue threatening to tear the continent apart.

A national heritage that transcends political, social and economic spheres, the name Joshua Nkomo is synonymous with various aspects of Zimbabwean life that range from the now irreversible land reform programme and the empowerment of youths to symbolise the spirit of Ubuntu.

Celebrating the life of the late hero, Chibwechitedza, serves to remind that all political freedom in Zimbabwe was a result of a long and protracted struggle for independence.

During his days, the late nationalist lived to remind the youths that they too have a share in the country’s cake.

Affectionately known as Umdhala Wethu, Dr Nkomo was also a champion of black empowerment.

Father Zimbabwe committed himself to leading the liberation struggle so as to bring political, social and economic freedom.

He was passionate about equitable distribution of resources.

The legacy of a democratic country, whereby human rights and dignity are respected and where the people of Zimbabwe own the means of production lives on.
Dr Nkomo was indeed a fountain of wisdom, a man of the people and indeed a great son of the soil.