alexander chisango.jpgThe church has been urged to be proactive in the national healing, reconciliation and integration programme, as the exercise is the only way which will see Zimbabweans working together and realising full potential of the country’s natural resources.



The call was made by Apostle Alexander Chisango, who leads the Nation Of Christ (Zimbabwe) Campaign, during a breakfast meeting which drew church leaders who are participating in the national healing process.

“Time has come for Zimbabweans to forgive each other and work…”


Apostle Chisango said the church should actively participate in restoring trust and forgiveness among Zimbabweans.



He said time is now ripe for Zimbabweans to forgive each other and work towards developing the nation.


Apostle Chisango said: “If Zimbabweans come out of the bitterness that they have for each other, more opportunities will come and the country will once again become the breadbasket of the continent.”


Apostle Chisango however mentioned that Zimbabwe is not the only country that needs national healing; the whole of the African Continent needs to be forgiving and work together.


He said the African continent is endowed with natural resources that are being taken by countries from the west and this has caused bitterness and anger amongst the people.


Apostle Chisango reiterated the potential that Africa has and said if nations work together the continent will surely develop.