tobacco floors sale.jpgThe Tobacco Industries and Marketing Board (TIMB) has warned farmers against some bogus insurance companies who are renewing insurance schemes for growers without their consent.

The warning follows reports from tobacco farmers accusing insurance companies of renewing their schemes without consulting them.

TIMB CEO, Dr Andrew Matibiri, said although there is need for farmers to insure their crop, this has to be done in a much more transparent manner that would see farmers benefiting when the need arises.

Dr Matibiri took a swipe at some insurance companies who are reported to be enticing unsuspecting small scale farmers into signing dubious contracts which are not adhered to.

“Though it is imperative for all the tobacco farmers to insure  their crop due to unpredictable weather patterns the country is witnessing, insurance companies should be professional and stop forcing farmers to continue insuring with them,” he said.

Farmers who spoke to ZBC News expressed disgust at the way the insurance companies are targeting them when they deliver their crop at the floors while they fail to attend to their problems when they need help.

They said: ”These insurance companies are bogus, they only need our money and when we have problems suppose our crops get damaged they do not come to check on them.”

Two weeks ago, a number of A1 farmers from Highdale Farm in Hurungwe lost their tobacco and maize crop to a hailstorm.