The Progressive Tobacco Farmers Association of Zimbabwe (PTFAZ) has called on the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) to extend selling schedules to accommodate the huge volumes of deliveries by farmers.

The good prices of tobacco prevailing at floors which hit a record high of US$5.40 per kg at contract sales that has so far earned the country over US$38 million in 12 days is testimony of the high demand of the golden leaf by merchants.

With long queues growing by each day at the floors as farmers jostle to fetch the high price on offer, the TIMB should double the time of sales per day or institute a 24 hour sales schedule to avoid the imminent risk which comes with overcrowding of farmers at the floors noted the PTFAZ president Mutandwa Mutasa.

Latest statistics by the TIMB show that there is almost 98 percent increase on deliveries at the floors as compared to the same period last year.

Currently there are only three sales a day for the gold leaf that has so far raked in over US$38 million in 12 days.