tobacco selling 2011.jpgThe Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has directed auction floors to increase buying teams in a bid to reduce congestion at the auction floors.

The TIMB says it has directed that the number of buying teams at Tobacco Sales Floor (TSF) be increased from three to four and at Boka Auction Floors from one to two in order to boost service delivery at the floors.

Speaking to ZBC News after touring the floors to assess the situation on the ground, TIMB Chairman, Mr Njodzi Machirori expressed hope that his organisation’s directive to the floors will improve the situation at the floors.

“We were not satisfied with the buying teams’ capacity at the floors so we have instructed the buying teams to increase the number of bales they buy per day from 2000 to 2700 per day as we try to decongest the floors,” Mr Machirori said.

He also confirmed that Millennium Tobacco, the third auction floor in Msasa, will start accepting deliveries this Saturday ahead of its first auction on Monday the 4th of next month, a move expected to ease the congestion at the floors.tobacco queues.jpg

The latest move by TIMB comes after numerous complaints by farmers over the slow pace in serving them at the floors and the inefficiency of the booking system.

Tobacco farmers are this year expected to deliver 170 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf, a significant increase from the 123 million kilogrammes delivered last season.