tobacco floors sale.jpgThe Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board will next month embark on mobile registration of the crop’s growers ahead of the next farming season.

In a statement, the Board said the mobile registration exercise will be conducted in tobacco growing districts on specified dates available to the Board from 4 up to 29 October, to enable tobacco farmers to sell their crop in the next marketing season.

New growers are required to provide proof of land availability among other requirements.

The marketing season of flue-cured tobacco at the auction sales this year ended early this month, while auctions clean-up sales will be held next week on Tuesday.

Tobacco farmers faced a number of challenges that included shortage of packaging material and low average tobacco prices at the auction floors in the just-ended season.

Stakeholders have urged relevant authorities to address the challenges the growers faced in the growing and marketing of tobacco, to retain and attract more growers in the sector.