tobacco floors sale.jpgThe Tobacco Sales Floor has come under heavy criticism from both the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) and farmers for creating what has become a breeding ground for syndicates who are swindling farmers of their hard earned cash.

ZBC News Political Correspondent, Tendai Munengwa reports that due to lack of efficiency at TSF, hundreds of farmers will be forced to spend the entire Easter Holidays at the floors.

Hundreds of farmers were left stranded at the Tobacco Sales Floors as they failed to sell their golden leaf due to lack of capacity by the auction floor to clear the overwhelming deliveries by the growers.

The farmers who spoke to ZBC News about their plight said they will have no option but to spend the Easter holidays at the floor.

Others were crying foul over lack of efficiency on the part of TSF management saying the floor has created a breeding ground for corrupt activities with growers allegedly losing some of their bales to some syndicates who are taking advantage of the situation to swindle farmers, most of whom are now desperate.

TIMB Chairman, Mr. Njodzi Machirori expressed disappointment over the way TSF is operating saying he had to call for an emergency meeting with its management and instructed them to put their house in order.

Mr. Machirori however expressed gratitude to other two auction floors which he said are organised in handling the farmers.

With hundreds of farmers expected to spend the holiday stranded at the auction floors, observers feel that there is need for relevant authorities to investigate the matter as there could be more to it than what meets the eye.