Various stakeholders converged in Kadoma for a forum aimed at coming up with solutions to the disturbing trend of crowd trouble on the domestic football arena.

It is not only a frightening scourge but a bad marketing trait for Zimbabwe’s top flight football brand the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League, which calls for swift attention.

Rightfully so premiership security personnel, clubs and PSL administrators, supporters’ representatives and the media converged in Kadoma for a forum that sought for solutions to crowd trouble.

In the wake of the disturbing scourge course, facilitator Brighton Mudzamiri said tighter security is vital at PSL games.

PSL chief executive officer Kenny Ndebele expressed hope the platform will help in minimising acts of violence that are not only damaging brand PSL but are coming with a huge cost to the teams.

The brand of local football has been severely tarnished in the year 2017, with incidences of crowd trouble reaching alarming levels this season and the PSL will be hoping for better fortunes.