prime minister tsvangirai2 23.09.10.jpgPrime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has praised the bicameral parliament for its effectiveness in providing checks and balances on the other arms of the state.

He was speaking at the ministerial retreat held in Harare to review progress on government programmes.

Mr Tsvangirai stressed the need for people in positions of authority to be accountable to the people who have entrusted them by desisting from engaging in corruption.

He said the best way to achieve this is through an effective parliament which has oversight over the other arms of the state.


“I welcome the fact that Parliament has become more active and incisive in its monitoring of government’s performance over the last year. It is a fundamental principle of democracy that the legislature should hold the executive to account for its performance,” Mr Tsvangirai.

The government’s three arms of the state are the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive.

Mr Tsvangirai warned of stern measures on people in positions of authority who abuse their positions for personal gain at the expense of the public whom they are meant to serve.