China Water International Electric Cooperation, the contractor engaged by government for the construction of the Thuli–Manyange dam is now on the ground with site establishment almost complete.

A visit to the dam site in Ntepe, Gwanda Central showed that the contractor is now on the ground to implement the massive water project.

The development has sparked renewed hope for local communities that have been lobbying for years for the construction of the infrastructure in order to address critical water shortages facing the district.

The Zimbabwe National Water authority, Umzingwane Catchment Operations Engineer Artwell Machaya revealed that site establishment is almost complete with concrete works expected to begin soon.

“The contractor is on site.  We have the crushing and mixing plant already on site in preparation for the concrete works. We also have staff  who are doing surveys on the soils. Probably mid this winter season we should see active concrete works happening there. But as you know a dam is not constructed in months it takes years but at least its good something is happening,” he said

The Minister of State for Matabeleland South,Cde Abednico Ncube thanked the new political administration for responding to the needs of the people, adding that necessary funding should be availed to ensure the  speedy construction of the dam.

“We appreciative the government for prioritising this project. The project was surveyed in 1960 and pegged in the early 70’s but since then nothing happened but at the moment we see a lot of activity taking place and my hope is that once funding is availed  construction will take place,” said Cde Ncube.

Government this year disbursed 15 million US dollars for the dam which is expected to gobble 87 million US dollars.

Once completed, the dam will provide water for large scale irrigation schemes around Garanyemba and Gwanda communal lands.

The dam project, which is being implemented by ZINWA, will also service Guyu Business Centre, Sizhubane Barracks, Manama Mission and Business Centre, Sebasa and Mankonkoni irrigation schemes, among others.