The Mberengwa community is still in shock following three murder cases over the weekend.

In Maribha village, Dzingai Zhou (33) is under armed guard at Musume Mission Hospital after stabbing to death Kennedy Shumba, a ZRP neighbourhood watch with a knife.

Dzingai from Chief Nyamhondo illegally vandalised security at one, Victor Gwese’s homestead and gained entry.

Upon being found, Dzingai became violent leading the community to intervene.

While the community was trying to hold and contain him, Dzingai stabbed Shumba who had only succeeded in putting one handcuff on him.

“I dropped from an Inter Africa bus at around and discovered someone had gained entry into my house and set up fire. The man became violent although I succeeded in locking him inside the hut,” said Gwese.

For village head, Michael Mabhuku, the situation has left the community in shock.

“When it happened I was away but this is one incident that has left the community frightened,” he said.

In a separate incident at Rengu village, another man was allegedly stoned to death for killing a village head who had reprimanded him of his habit of dating minors and stealing from the community.

Midlands police confirmed receipt of double murder cases while promising to supply finer details.