When job opportunities come knocking at the door, the brave will disregard all, not even the coldest of weather or the fear of attending interviews will deter them from trying their luck at securing a job.

Thousands of Bulawayo youths braved the cold weather pattern experienced in the City of Kings this morning as they headed to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) exhibition centre to try their luck for job placements that were advertised by a local mobile operator.

With a target of recruiting 2000 brand ambassadors, the multitude of job applicants patiently waited for their turn to attend the interview with high hopes of success.

For the lucky ones, who were able to meet the interview expectations their faces told the story.

The recruiting company indicated the programme dubbed “Ispano Yispano”  is meant to augment government efforts in job creation especially for the youths.

The programme that started in Harare is set to be taken to Victoria Falls and Beitbridge, bringing a glimmer of hope to those in search of job placements.