tobaco.jpgScores of farmers are feared to have lost thousands of dollars at the Zimbabwe Tobacco Auction Centre, ZITAC tobacco auction floors in a scam which saw auction floors staff under weighing tobacco bales delivered.


In a scam unearthed at the tobacco auction floors, the ZITAC floors are alleged to have been under-weighing the farmers’ tobacco bales thereby prejudicing them of thousands of dollars in earnings.

Upon the discovery of the alleged scam, farmers reacted angrily and business at the floors temporarily came to a stand still as around seven hundred bales of the golden leaf had to be re-weighed.

Farmers who spoke to ZBC News at the auction floors expressed disappointment over the officials at the tobacco auction floors and appealed to the government to intervene to bring the situation to normalcy.

ZITAC Public Relations Manager Ms Kudzai Hamadziripi said such incidences occurred due to human error adding that there are differences among farmer’s scales and those which are used at the auction floors.


But farmers and other sources at the floors said the incident is just a tip of an iceberg as many such incidences at the floors are going unreported.


Tobacco is the country’s major foreign currency earner and this year 77 million kg’s of the golden leaf are expected to go under the hammer.