court.jpgRevival Ministries founder member, Pastor Mark Mhindu, who was facing charges of fraud, has escaped jail for the third time.


Regional magistrate, Mr. William Bhila, sentenced Mhindu to four years imprisonment, but suspended two years for five years. He further suspended the remaining two years on condition that Mhindu restitutes US$7 500 to the complainant Henrietta Rushwaya, before the 31st of January 2011.


It is the State’s case that Mhindu sold a house to Rushwaya and another Harare man. The scam was only discovered when Rushwaya wanted to move into the house, upon which she was told by the occupant that he had bought the same house from Mhindu.


Mhindu was earlier convicted of another charge of fraud after he sold state land to a Harare businessman, having misrepresented to him that he owned the property.


It is understood that Mhindu was also convicted of rape and had appealed against the conviction.