Thirteen-year old Theresa Jackson who kicked off her gospel musical career two years ago, has released an 8-track gospel video album titled: ‘Calvary’ which comes on time for this year’s festive season.
Jackson saw it fit to produce a video album and a CD on time for the festive season.

Whilst others prefer listening to Christmas carols, others prefer listening to gospel music fused with all modern instruments by various artists.

The album, Calvary was produced with the help of music producer, Mr. Charles Jackson who also wrote some songs on the album.

Songs such as Mwari Vanoshamisa, Christmas Time, Kudenga, among others all featured on this album.

For many years, music was an early feature of the Christmas season celebrations.

The earliest hymns and music works were intended for use during theChurch liturgy.

All over the world, gospel music in itself soon became one of the greatest tributes to Christmas.

The releasing and playing of  gospel music during the festive season in general begun after the thanksgiving holidays, at which point Christmas decorations in stores and on the streets would also appear.