theresa-makone.jpgPublic Works Minister Theresa Makone has bemoaned the lack of equal representation of women in the inclusive government which has resulted in women’s issues failing to get adequate attention.


While women constitute 52% of Zimbabwe’s population, their participation in the political sphere remains minimal despite efforts to ensure proportional representation in all decision making positions.


In her remarks at celebrations to mark the International Women’s day, Minister of Public works Mrs. Theresa Makone said if women were adequately represented in cabinet, some of the concerns and issues could be taken seriously.


She said it is however heartening to note that the Zimbabwean government has made strides in promoting gender equality and empowering women as evidenced by various laws that have been enacted and the signing of international conventions that promote gender equality.

The International Women’s day commemoration is an occasion to reflect on wishes by women to fully express themselves, participate in critical decision making process and contribute to the growth of the economy while also looking back on past accomplishments by women folk. The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Equal Opportunities – Equal rights progress for all.”