absolom 1.jpgThe theme for this year’s 21st February Movement celebrations, has been described as the most appropriate at this time when the country is undertaking an indigenisation and economic empowerment drive.


Zanu-PF Secretary for the Youth League, Absolom Sikhosana said the theme for this year’s celebrations “Youth for indigenisation and empowerment,”  is the most appropriate now as the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe is spearheading the total economic empowerment of the majority.

As the preparations for the celebrations gathers momentum, the theme that was selected is aimed at exhibiting the principles and qualities endowed in Cde Mugabe, who is a champion of black economic empowerment.

According to Cde Sikhosana, the theme, ‘Youth for indigenisation and empowerment,’ is in line with current government efforts led by President Mugabe  to ensure that locals benefit from their natural resources which are currently under the control of a minority few.

“We chose the theme ‘Youth for indigenisation and empowerment,’ to articulate on government’s policy on indigenisation. It is a befitting theme as the empowerment programme is underway,” he said.

The commemorations held annually are a platform for the youth to interface and interact with the President Robert Mugabe.

The 21st February Movement was established in 1986 as a welfare organisation for youths and as a medium to inspire youths to be well behaved through emulating the exemplary character of their patron, President Mugabe.
This year’s event will be held in Harare on the 26th of February.