Seventeen year old Thembi Bhobho from Ascot, Gweru who is suffering from a life threatening heart problem is appealing for financial assistance to undergo an open valve replacement at Parirenyatwa Hospital.                                          

Thembi was diagnosed with a valve defect in May last year which is now causing her sleepless nights and severe chest pains.

The heart defect can be corrected at Parirenyatwa hospital for US$3500.

Doctors have since warned that Thembi’s situation is deteriorating and if she does not get surgery soon she might lose her life.

When ZBC News arrived at their home Thembi was alone as her mother had gone for menial jobs to raise money for her medication.

Speaking to ZBC, Thembi appealed for financial assistance to undergo an open valve replacement in Harare as she was now struggling to sleep as well as to breath.

Her neighbour Shyleen Maningi, who has been accompanying Thembi to hospital, says doctors have said nothing much can be done except for surgery and they were now worried that they might lose her is surgery is not performed quickly.

Open heart surgeries were resuscitated in 2016 at Parirenyatwa hospital after they had been stopped in 2003.

The resumption has assisted those with heart defects to be able to have them corrected locally instead of neighbouring South Africa.