Zimbabweans have been urged to stop vandalising essential infrastructure as the ripple effects of such actions ultimately affect many people.

Some residents of Arcadia, who had to endure three months without electricity after the theft of transformer oil in their suburb said the experience which left them relying on other sources of power has made them realise the importance of safeguarding essential infrastructure.

The residents said if Zimbabweans are not united in nipping tendencies such as vandalising essential infrastructure in the bud then the rate of development will certainly be retarded.

Entrepreneur, Mrs Loice Magweba who assisted the Arcadia residents in the restoration of power as well as ensuring the transformer is secured, said a strong sense of responsibility should always guide Zimbabweans.

Mrs Magweba said vandalism and theft of essential infrastructure only serve to affect ordinary Zimbabweans whose lives are disrupted by such acts.

Possession, stealing or vandalising ZESA Holdings equipment carries a sentence of not less than ten years in prison.
The country is losing millions of dollars as a result of unscheduled power cuts due to theft and vandalism of electrical equipment.