When one gets home the ultimate aim is often always to let go off the tension of a day’s hard work, take a breath and relax and in many instances on a couch or sofa.

A young Zimbabwean, self taught engineering genius, however, seems to be saying the process of relaxing must be complemented by a comfort of unimaginable measure.

Twenty three year old Chitungwiza resident Jason Kwaramba is a yet to be unearthed inventor, displaying some engineering creativity that saw him design a sofa that would make many couch lovers smile.

The young man created a couch that blends comfort and many other accessories.

Once one is seated, the couch will offer one the pleasures of indulging in a hot and cold beverage which is delivered to them by the couch itself while they relax undisturbed.

Kwaramba takes into consideration that everything is now moving into the digital age.

His couch is conscious of men’s ‘servant like relationship’ with his mobile phone and has provided for space and a charger to boost phone batteries.

Another interesting feature on the couch include its ability to communicate and Jason says he has christened this couch ‘RGB’ meaning ‘relax good boss’.

Asked on what motivated this creation, Jason says he has many other awesome engineering ideas which if he gets funding for he can safely implement and help his country in the areas of energy, security and information.

The young man who has no academic qualification to boast of seems to be one from a ‘special kind’ and his story worth listening to. Watch ZBC Main News to see the couch.