egyptian unrest.jpgEvents that took place in Egypt ushered in a new dispensation which at best was described as a direct revolt against the American strangle of the North African country’s politics.

Consensus is that the Nile revolution was in essence an overthrow of American and Israel interests.

It is already known that the West was not happy with the revolution sparked by the Egyptian people against the Camp David regime, Israel’s friend and client of the United States.

They have not relented in their attempts to terminate the revolution since it began.

After failing to directly impact the events in Tahrir Square, the West has attempted multiple forms of direct and indirect intervention in Egypt’s internal affairs.

Political analyst Dr Maxwell Hove says there is no way in which the Americans would leave Egypt to define its own course.

The turning point in Egypt manifested when people pointed out that they viewed the new dispensation as an opportunity to end Western intervention altogether.

Diplomat and political analyst, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa says the Egyptians were too quick to realise the US deceit of trying to maintain a proxy presence in the country’s politics through the ruling military council.

Political and economic analyst, Mr. Paradzai Chakona says the unfortunate result is that once again, the West is thriving in the current Egyptian crisis.

While the demonstrations continue at Tahrir square with Egypt being viewed as the country that sets the geo-political tone in the Middle East, there is unanimous agreement among observers that again, the biggest enemy of that country’s people is the West.