A community-based group has embarked on processing multiple products from the baobab which is a treasured tree in the dry parts of Chipinge and Chimanimani.

What seems to be an ordinary tree that grows in the dry and arid regions has promoted sustainability as the Chimanimani community embarks on value edition of almost everything found on the baobab tree.

After realising the un-quantified benefits that can be derived from the baobab tree which include baobab porridge, coffee, cosmetic oil and mate weaving fibre, the Chimanimani community is now tapping into the tree’s numerous offerings.

Christopher Ngwarai co-founder of Nhapitapi Delights, a community based baobab processing enterprise, says products made from the baobab tree are in high demand with baobab coffee that is caffeine free leading the pack in terms of highly sought after products.

Ngwarai says the project that was started by five community members is now benefiting the whole community as everyone is a supplier of the raw materials that are found in the bush.

Apart from the multiple produce already being enjoyed, the group is also working on producing cooking oil and stock feeds from baobab seeds.