tobaiwa mudede 14-12-10.jpgElections looming on the political horizon and parties fighting to occupy any political space; the victim has been none other than the country’s Registrar General, Mr. Tobaiwa Mudede, who has been accused of presiding over a voter’s roll which is in shambles.

Despite countless invitations by the Registrar General for those with queries and allegations to come forward as the voter’s roll is a public document available to anyone, nobody has.

It has been a series of countless allegations being levelled against the Registrar General’s office.

Claims emanating from the MDC-T camp are that the country’s voter’s roll is in shambles and contains underage, deceased and voters over the age of 100.

Registrar General Mudede says it is almost impossible to compromise the voter’s roll as all functions of his office which include births, deaths and marriage registrations have all been integrated in a manner that enhances the voter system’s security through the use of Zimbabwe’s national identity number which other countries even those in the developed world do not have.

“The system is integrated, you have interrelated functions incorporating, births, deaths, marriages, brands and voter registration using one ID number which makes impossible to cheat,” said Mr. Mudede.

voters roll.jpgThe latest allegations by MDC-T Co-Home Affairs Minister, Mrs. Theresa Makone which have been described as cheap politicking and an exhibit of total ignorance on the functions of a Ministry that the incumbent is supposed to be well-versed with, have drawn criticism from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Justice.

“Makone and the MDC-T are playing to a political gallery so that their masters in foreign lands hear them,” one of the lawyers said.

Zanu PF National Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo says after his party engaged the Registrar’s Office on the matter they have concluded that the voter’s roll is almost perfect and the voices of the MDC-T are loud cries of people who are ignorant on the goings on.

“The system is all perfect and most of those elements speak just so that they please their masters while they are not even aware of what goes on at the RG’s offices,” said Ambassador Moyo.

From sounding the propaganda trumpets to far off Western audiences, the MDC-T who have been the biggest critics of the voter’s roll have also been exposed after Home Affairs Co-Minister Theresa Makone’s recent utterances which revealed that she has no clue of what actually is going on in her Ministry.