Some time in our lives, there was the public phone box that stood at different street corners and many other places including at post offices.

 With society becoming more and more sophisticated, a few of these call boxes have remained but merely as a reminder of what we once were.

Times have certainly changed. From the callbox to the cellphone this is how much the world has revolutionised.

The call box that was a pillar of voice messages once upon a time is now a symbol of history that changes everyday.

At one time these call-boxes stood at public places. They were a pride for communication, the service provider popularly known then as PTC (Post and Telecommunications Corporation). And there are still some with fond memories of the callbox and how important it was when it came to making calls.

It just took a coin to make a call in any part of the country where the service was available.

Because of its significance, its vicinities became waiting halls where appointments would be made and one would wait for a return call to ring. Sometimes the queues would be so long that each caller would be prescribed maximum time and instances where this was violated fights would even break out. All it facilitated were voice calls unlike today’s mobile which is more than that. Of course one could not text or message nor send pictures and videos. There was no torchlight, contact list, or even a calendar and GPS on the callbox. But it certainly made a huge difference when it came to talking, and talking cheap for that matter.

Indeed times have changed. The callbox now confined to history has moved over. But technology has taught us that, being knocked off the pedestal of importance can certainly be that easy.